Refund Policy  
Last Updated on February 21, 2019 (Provider) guarantees to get the Client (You) affiliate sales contingent on the fact that the client implements the strategies taught inside the member’s area in accordance with corresponding checklist(s) below:


(i) The client must have his/her affiliate status approved by the provider.
(ii) The client must send at least 3,000 clicks to the funnels or 100 clicks per day; using the sources mentioned inside the training area.
(iii) The client must allow the provider to follow up with the leads for a period of 12 weeks to close the sales on behalf of the client. Most sales are done using effective follow up emails and interactions and we want to ensure the client is positioned to get sales for the leads sent by the client. 

Client understands and agrees that the results of any business process are completely dependent on the individual (the client) and there is no way for the provider to guarantee a particular number in sales or profits.The provider, however, guarantees complete hand holding and also provide coaching using the support desk.

If, after the client has been given access to the affiliate link and has successfully implemented the strategies taught inside the members area in accordance with corresponding checklist(s); the client does not get sales during the 12 weeks from the date of commencement of the program, the client can ask for a 100% refund and an additional $500 from the PROVIDER and the request will be honored by the provider.

The 12 week period is to ensure we are able to follow up with the leads that you have sent us and have the sales (if any) credited to you.

However, there are no refunds or cancellations once the client is given the affiliate links and he/she registers sales.

The provider has made extensive arrangements to setup the 5 Figure Hijack System and because of this, the refunds are honored only if the client does not get sales after successful implementing the strategies (post the affiliate link approval).

If a lead sent by the client purchases the 5 Figure Hijack System; after a refund and/or cancellation of the clients account, the commission will not be paid out to the client. Post the refund, the client's account shall stand terminated and the leads and sales will be credited to the provider.

Cancellation Policy:

Provider is serious and committed to helping client’s business and expects client to be fully committed also. Once Client registers for the Program, Provider makes extensive arrangements and investments while anticipating Client's participation. Because of this, all payments made by Client under this Agreement are non-refundable unless covered by the money back guarantee clause above.

Payments for participation in the Program are not dependent upon results because no specific outcome can be guaranteed or promised. 

If you have any questions about these disclaimers or about testimonials, case studies, and/or examples found at, please contact our help desk or write us at the following address:

Prashant Sharma
5FigureHijack System